Teaching teenagers the skills they need

to take better photos

while building their confidence so they can enjoy the journey

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Has your child been borrowing the family camera, or begging you for one of their own? Maybe they’ve been using their phone to make photos and videos. You want to be supportive and encouraging. You know how important creativity is to young minds.

You’re a clever parent who understands that kids learn life lessons in all kinds of unexpected places. A photographer’s journey is one of those places. Let me help your child get off to a good start.

A photographer must have empathy and respect for their subject to capture a great photo. Not only do they need to think outside the box, but they must examine their ideas critically.


While it may sound cheesy, love and an open heart make the best photographs.


Imagine your child spending their free time engaged with the camera. They get frustrated and persevere anyway. The memory card fills up (and then the computer hard drive!), but they're having a blast and getting better everyday.


They print out one of their photos for you for Mother’s or Father's Day. It’s stunning. You hang it next to your desk and adore seeing it every day, especially once they move out to start their own lives.

I can help them begin that journey on the right foot.

Sign up today, classes begin January 2021.

Which class should you choose?
Smartphone Photography
  • Great for younger students and absolute beginners (you're not going to buy them a camera until you're SURE they will stick with it)

  • Focus on the artistry behind good photos

  • Get comfortable taking photos before attempting to use a "big camera"

  • Gain confidence in their abilities and have fun!

Digital Photography I
  • Learn the easy way to understand camera controls and get off auto mode

  • Understand what goes into creating a good photo 

  • Get my step by step process that will quickly and easily improve their photos

  • Gain confidence in their abilities and have fun!

Self Portrait

Hi, I’m Madison! I teach young photographers the skills they need to take better photos while building their confidence so they can enjoy the journey.

I’ve spent the last 10 years completely obsessed with photography. I’ll never stop learning, but a decade of experience has given me perspective.


I love sharing that perspective and experience with newbie photographers. 

Schedule a call to meet me!

"Since taking this class, my daughter, Mariska, has taken a greater interest in her art and sees things differently. She puts more thought and purpose into her photography. We are excited that she has found this especially in such a gloomy time.


This class is great for teens who are serious about learning photography, especially since classes for that age group are hard to find.


Mariska really relates to Madison and looks forward to class. She has improved her photography skills and Photo with Madison has given her the excitement to continue learning." - Jessica Maguire, parent

Sign up

As soon as your child is signed up, they will get an email welcoming them and inviting them to join the Photo with Madison private group (it’s not on facebook).

Here's how it works:
Enrollment closes

Once enrollment closes, we will find a time and day to meet each week that works for all students. 

One week to go

One week before we begin, I’ll send out an email with all the info they’ll need to get the most out class.

Class begins

Each week at class time, all they need to do is grab their camera or phone, hop on Google Meet (on a laptop or desktop) and be prepared to learn!

"I really enjoyed Photo with Madison! The structure of the class helped me learn how to take better photos and the examples helped me to really grasp the concepts. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend." -Addie M., student, Digital Photography I, II

Photography is the medium, creativity is the message

Your child will:

Learn to problem solve and overcome obstacles

Gain confidence in their abilities

Enjoy an accessible creative outlet

Have fun while learning something new



What kind of camera does my child need?

For Digital Photography, each student will need access to a manual DSLR or mirrorless camera with a lens. If you have any questions about your camera, please email or text me. 

For Smartphone Photography, all your child will need is their smartphone!


How old does my child need to be?

Digital Photography I is designed for students age 14-18. Older students need to have graduated within the last 6 months. We go over a lot of technical information quickly and in my experience, younger students struggle to keep up. If your child is 13 but you think they still might be a good fit, please email me and we can talk about it and find out if your child would be a good fit.

Smartphone Photography is a great choice for younger students! Students as young as 11 are welcome. 


What is included with the class?

Each student will receive an info packet when they register that includes a welcome letter and information about how and when we will meet,  how to join the community and how to get in touch if they need help.

After each session, students will receive a pdf summary. I will also be available to answer questions or give assistance twice a week during virtual office hours.


What is the attendance and makeup policy?

Attendance is required at every class. Please let me know as soon as possible if you must miss class. I will do one live makeup class per student per session, if notice is given. Students who miss class without notice will receive the pdf summary but no live makeup class. 

Have more questions? Want to meet me before you sign up your child? Schedule a free chat with me to learn more!