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Classes begin the week of August 17th 

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Being a teen has never been easy. And the world being turned upside down has brought a new set of challenges for teens. School and summer programs have been canceled. Teens have been unable to see their friends or interact with many people outside of their immediate family. Having an adult role model who is not a parent is important for teens. 

My summer art teacher when I was a teen was Mrs. Quiroz. She was very encouraging, and she took my art seriously. I also saw what life looked like for an artist. Most of all, she taught me how to be open to experimentation, to play, and to enjoy the process. I want to give that kind of support to teen photographers now.


About the class:


I am offering two sessions each of two different photography classes. One will be for teens who have access to a DSLR or mirrorless camera. The other will be for teens who will use a smartphone to take photos. Each class will run once a week for 5 weeks. 

We will meet virtually for an hour each week and cover these topics:

  • How to use the tools you have (more extensive for digital camera users)

  • How to “see” light and use it creatively

  • Easy ways to make your photos better

  • Help with determining subject matter

  • Post processing and organizing

The class format will be as follows: introduction or discussion of last weeks’ assignment, interactive lecture on the topic for the week, q&a and discussion, and wrap up.

Would my child be a good fit?

The class is a comprehensive photo 101 class for teens. It is for students who love photography and want to improve their knowledge and skills. Photography can be information heavy but I keep the mood lighthearted, interactive and fun. 

We do a deep dive into the technical side of photography. And we spend equal amount of time exploring and analyzing the work of a diverse selection of photographers. From their work, students learn the artistry behind a successful photograph. All example photos are teen appropriate.

Please note that the digital camera class is most suitable for teens 14-17. In my experience, younger students struggle to keep up with the technical information at this pace. The smartphone class is a great option for students as young as 11. We focus primarily on artistry in this class which also makes it a wise choice for students who are new to photography.

What will my teen get out of this class?

Imagination is a fantastic antidote to boredom. This will be a safe, inclusive and encouraging environment for students to challenge themselves creatively. Collaboration among students is encouraged. Upon registration, students will receive an invitation to join a private community group. This group, along with the weekly meeting will give students the opportunity to form friendships and learn from one another. 

By the end of the course, your teen will have a solid foundation of photography knowledge and a framework to continue their artistic journey.

Alongside the weekly meeting, I will be available for virtual office hours 2 times a week. 

One-on-one mentorship is also available.

Two partial scholarships will be given to BIPOC teens. 



What kind of camera does my child need?

For the digital camera class, each student will need access to a manual DSLR or mirrorless camera with a lens. If you have any questions about your camera, please email or text me. 

For the smartphone class, all your child will need is their smartphone!


How old does my child need to be?

The digital camera class was designed for students age 14-18. Older students need to have graduated within the last 6 months. We go over a lot of technical information quickly and in my experience, younger students struggle to keep up. If your child is 13 but you think they still might be a good fit, please email me and we can discuss the matter. 

The smartphone class is a great choice for younger students! Students as young as 11 are welcome. 


What is included with the class?

Each student will receive an info packet when they register that includes: a welcome letter and information about how and when we will meet,  how to join the community and how to get in touch if they need help. Students will receive a pdf summary of each class. I will also be available to answer questions or give assistance twice a week during virtual office hours.


What is the attendance and makeup policy?

Attendance is required at every class. Please let me know as soon as possible if you must miss class. I will do one live makeup class per student per session, if notice is given. Students who miss class without notice will receive all written instruction but no live makeup class. 

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