1. What does it all mean? First and foremost, it means whatever you want it to mean. But if you would like some insight into my process, read my statement, my about me and then check out my diary where I describe my process in depth.

  2. Where do you get the objects you put in your photographs? All of the things I use in my photographs are collected from a variety of sources but they all have a story behind them. Some of them belong to close female family members or friends, other things I have collected over the years, and some I picked from the mountain where I live that very day. I frequently ask close friends or family members to lend me something that is meaningful and/or represents femininity to them. And sometimes things just speak to me. I definitely use my intuition with this aspect of making photographs.

  3. What inspires you? The things that inspire me change every day and sometimes feel all over the place. The first big one is research. I spend a lot of time studying both past and current feminist issues/art/thought/etc. Reading about or seeing other feminists' art and other creative accomplishments also inspires me. Another big one is allowing myself time to think. I try to not be glued to my phone or computer as much as possible and actually allow myself time to be a little bored and think about things. This mental space is so important to me. And finally, my home in North Carolina. I don't think I have ever been in love with a place like I am with Asheville. Every day I relish in the beauty of living on this mountain with groundhogs running around and a million different plants two feet from my front door and a view of the mountains outside my window. I am so very grateful to be here.



  1. Can I speak with you before I order? I would love to chat with you before you place your order! I am happy to do a Skype or regular phone call with you; please email me at hello@msomervillephotography.com to set something up.

  2. How is the photo printed? Each original photograph is printed on Canson Edition Etching Rag paper using the highest quality inkjet printers.

  3. How many photos will be sold? What is the edition size? Each photograph will only be printed 5 times. 4 of them will be numbered, signed and sold while one remains with myself and is called an AP for Artist Print.

  4. What is the difference between an original and a print? Original photographs are printed on high quality archival paper. There will only be 4 created (plus one for myself) and once they are sold, no more will be printed. Poster prints are printed at a smaller size, on poster paper, with a white border and will be printed indefinitely. 

  5. How do I care for my photo? The matte paper that the photographs are printed on is very sensitive to fingerprints or grease of any kind. Please do not touch the photo as it is likely to leave marks. I recommend that you have it framed immediately. If you would like help with choosing a framer or would prefer to have it framed before you receive it, please contact me at hello@msomervillephotography.com, I would love to help.

  6. What is that dot/speck/discoloration on my photograph? It could be a number of things. Despite my best efforts, there is still some dust that collects on the negatives. Film is also a little unpredictable at times and depending on how it was developed, it could have crescent shapes, discolored spots or any other number of imperfections, but that's part of why I shoot film!

  7. How is it shipped? Since these photos can be very large and are somewhat delicate, I take extreme caution when packaging and then ship via Federal Express. The most important thing is that we both have peace of mind while your artwork is on the way.  Shipping is included within the United states, Please email me at hello@msomervillephotography.com for an international shipping quote.

  8. Do you do commissions? Yes! Please visit my commissions page for more info.

  9. Do you offer payment plans? For orders over $1500, please contact me at hello@msomervillephotography.com to discuss payment options.

  10. What if I don’t like my photo? Can I return it? For original photographs, you have 14 days to return it for a full refund, in the original condition, minus shipping. There will be no refunds for poster prints, commissions or custom framing.