Glass Ceiling - description

This artwork is part of a series that will eventually form a grid. There will be 9 images total and each one will relate to the image before and after it. For instance, this image is proceeded by Gender is a Social Construct (candle and peaches) and followed by The Blue Period (pearls with flowers in a glass vase). 

Glass Ceiling - M Somerville Photography
  • In my art, I typically use fruit to symbolize femininity, but here I intended for it to be representative of the masculine ideology of "having balls."

  • I placed them around and above the feminine pearls that are trapped under a glass and have a literal "glass ceiling."

  • Together, this is meant to reference the idea that men are often paid more than women for the same job and that women often hit the glass ceiling of their careers whether that comes from the choice to have children and take time off for that, or because they are viewed as being less capable than their male counterparts.

P.S. I have NO idea how I got them to balance like that!

M Somerville Photography









My process is really much more fluid than this academic description lets on. I don't overthink the arrangement. I often go into the studio with an idea of the message I want to depict but then often put on some music and go with the flow. I try to stay open to what thoughts or feelings or messages might come up and adjust my vision accordingly.

Disclaimer: When I say that something is traditionally considered feminine or in the realm of the female, I am by no means saying that men shouldn't or can't or don't partake in any of these things. I am simply referencing how things have been or are perceived. This is my interpretation only.