Wild. Not Meant to be Tamed - description

Some images seem to take multiple iterations or a lot of time before I get it just right. This one came together immediately.

Wild. Not Meant to be Tamed - M Somerville Photography
  • The bone is the pelvis of a cow. I received it as a gift while in art school. First I want to say that I do not ascribe to the belief that you have to have a uterus to be female/feminine/a woman, etc, however, the uterus and pelvic region is obviously very much tied to reproductive rights which, far too often, men seek to control. The pressed flower resting on the bone symbolizes woman taking back her control.

  • The fan belongs to my sister and the pearls and perfume, to my mother. I am very much in support of the idea that wearing perfume or make up is the choice of each woman and that no one should be shamed for choosing to wear it or not.

  • The acorn top, cracked nut and stones belong to my friend Jess.

  • The sage on the pedestal represents purification (from negativity, past hurt or pain, etc) and the elevation of such.

  • The owl scissors hanging from above are embroidery scissors, which has traditionally been a female art.

  • The title came to me while thinking about how women have often "tamed" their dreams or desires for the sake of a man.

My process is really much more fluid than this academic description lets on. I don't overthink the arrangement. I often go into the studio with an idea of the message I want to depict but then often put on some music and go with the flow. I try to stay open to what thoughts or feelings or messages might come up and adjust my vision accordingly.

Disclaimer: When I say that something is traditionally considered feminine or in the realm of the female, I am by no means saying that men shouldn't or can't or don't partake in any of these things. I am simply referencing how things have been or are perceived. This is my interpretation only.