Lessons Learned From My Mother - description

This artwork was created the same day as You Don't Owe Prettiness to Anyone

Lessons Learned From My Mother - M Somerville Photography
  • The pearls belong to my mother and have traditionally been considered feminine and thought to represent purity.

  • I felt that by showing only the base of the flower vase and not the flowers themselves that the image conveys a sense of feminine mystery.

  • The shape of the strawberry felt reminiscent of the pubic triangle on a woman and by putting it in the blades of the scissors, I wanted to reference the sometimes painful process that women go through in order to be "well groomed."

  • I came up with the title because my mom has been so instrumental in and incredibly supportive of this process and my transformation. She has been the main person with whom I have brainstormed and talked through my many ideas. This was also the first image I had printed and I gave to her for Mother's Day.

My process is really much more fluid than this academic description lets on. I don't overthink the arrangement. I often go into the studio with an idea of the message I want to depict but then often put on some music and go with the flow. I try to stay open to what thoughts or feelings or messages might come up and adjust my vision accordingly.

Disclaimer: When I say that something is traditionally considered feminine or in the realm of the female, I am by no means saying that men shouldn't or can't or don't partake in any of these things. I am simply referencing how things have been or are perceived. This is my interpretation only.