Cold Hearted Bitch - description

This artwork was created at a time of great romantic turmoil in my life.

Cold Hearted Bitch - M Somerville Photography
  • The pearls hanging from above belong to my mother. The ring that is hanging from them I found randomly in a plastic bag labeled "Sissy ring." Neither my sister nor I have any recollection of this ring but I imagine that it is left over from the time we lived together in 2015. The elephant belongs to my sister as well and is meaningful to her. The moon clock was given to me also by my sister several years ago and to me signifies the cycles of the moon, of menstruation and feminine energy.

  • Candles and the act of burning reference purification.

  • The seashells were lent to me by my good friend Jess. The bronze container as well as the bowl with the runes also belong to her. The rune that is showing that looks like a B is called Berkana and means new beginnings or good luck. I have a tattoo of it on my inner arm.

  • The dried flower is from a bouquet that I bought for myself as an act of self care when my significant other at the time was severely lacking in empathy. Oddly enough, I though it was dying so I hung it to dry and then it bloomed. That is significant to me.

  • The index card with writing on it belongs to my mother and is a note from her dissertation.

  • The bottle with the pink ribbon symbolizes how females often have to bottle their feelings while still giving off the appearance of beauty. I ascribe similar meaning to the feather escaping the bottle.

  • I picked the rosemary from the neighbor's yard outside my studio.

My process is really much more fluid than this academic description lets on. I don't overthink the arrangement. I often go into the studio with an idea of the message I want to depict but then often put on some music and go with the flow. I try to stay open to what thoughts or feelings or messages might come up and adjust my vision accordingly.

Disclaimer: When I say that something is traditionally considered feminine or in the realm of the female, I am by no means saying that men shouldn't or can't or don't partake in any of these things. I am simply referencing how things have been or are perceived. This is my interpretation only.