First Images and Subsequent Failure

Even though I thoroughly enjoy the research process, creating art is what I'm meant to do so it wasn't long before I started fiddling around in the studio. If I'm honest, my first pieces were terrible and lacked depth or meaning. But I also understood that I needed to make those first as part of the process so that I could get to something that truly conveyed my message. 

One of the very first pieces I created for this project.

One of the very first pieces I created for this project.

I think that often people (myself very much included) are afraid of failure and so they don't even start. I knew that I would probably fail, a lot, but I tried to keep the bigger picture in mind and see the whole process as necessary to get where I wanted to be. So yes, my first pieces sucked, and I was frustrated and impatient about it. 

But I kept at it and slowly I started to see progress. I have an internal rubric that I use to evaluate my art. First, does the photograph give me a shiver of excitement and enthusiasm to keep creating? Then, does it convey the message I was intending and does it fit in with the body of work as a whole? And then I consider the technical aspects. Is it sharp/in focus? Does the composition and lighting work? 

If a work of art meets all of these criteria, I keep it. If it fits the first two but not the third, I will either try to redo it or use it as a jumping off point for new image. 

All of my "failures" ended up being totally worth it because they got me to the point where I am today. To see the progress I have made so far keeps me excited for what I will create next.

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