M Somerville Photography

 Do you have a piece of jewelry that belonged to your grandmother sitting in your drawer? Do you feel guilty because you never wear it? What about that needlepoint pillow or that quilt that’s been in the family for ages currently collecting dust in the closet? Or maybe you have something that reminds you of a close female relative or friend that you don’t pull out very often because you don’t want to lose it. How great would it be to have these things photographed and hanging on your wall so that you can enjoy them daily? Wouldn’t it be amazing to tell the story of that object every time someone came to visit your home?

M Somerville Photography commission

Let’s work together to create something amazing with your family heirlooms. I love doing commissions and will guide you through the process from deciding how you want everything to be photographed all the way to having your image framed and hung on your wall.

Email or call me today to plan your custom photograph!

Pricing begins at $1500, contact me for a custom quote.