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Think back to a time when there were no such thing as iPhone cameras, DSLRs or digital point-and-shoots; a time when photographers were considered artists and craftsmen. A time when photographers labored for hours in the darkroom, working towards the perfect print. Those prints have lasted for generations on the walls of families’ homes, in art galleries, museums, and archives. They were created to stand the test of time. Times have changed and handcrafted photography is becoming more rare.

You are unique in that you value custom, handmade objects in your life. Your home and lifestyle reflect this: farm-to-table meals, custom furniture, well made clothing. Why would you accept anything less than handcrafted photography to record your memories? With custom black and white photography, you can appreciate holding the stack of negatives in your hand and knowing that the technology to see and reproduce them will always be available. And that no one else will ever have anything exactly like it.

At M Somerville Photography we specialize exclusively in black and white film photography and nothing else. This means our attention is not split or distracted, and our expertise is deep. We live and breathe black and white film photography.

My name is Madison and I have been shooting film almost exclusively for 5+ years, where I began the old fashioned way– learning to shoot manually, developing my own film, and printing it in the darkroom. I find nothing more satisfying that pulling a fresh roll of negatives out of the canister and seeing my images for the first time. Hours in the darkroom go by in a second and I will never tire of flipping on the lights to see the print I just completed. And I would love to do that for you.

If you value prints that were labored over with love and the utmost care, and that will withstand the test of time, contact us today to set up your appointment.

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