About Me

Art, and specifically photography, is the medium through which I view, understand and interpret the world. That has been true for me since I was very young. By capturing certain moments on film, I am able to make sense of life and hopefully offer some of that understanding and insight to others.

I feel that my ultimate purpose is to bring people together and show the common humanity that everyone shares, no matter their appearance or lifestyle choices. I hope to, at the very least, cause one person to stop and challenge an automatic stereotype or judgement they may have. With so much division in the world today, I feel that is important to challenge ourselves to not let social conditioning and automatic stereotypes take over our thinking. A lofty goal, perhaps, but only by challenging myself will I ever make work that matters.

Film photography brings me very close to the work and forces me to have clear intentions. With 10 images to a roll of film, I make certain that the scene before me is the image that I want to take before I release the shutter. Having limitations and parameters fuels my creativity.

I currently live and work in Austin, TX.