M Somerville Photography

Black and White Portraiture for Remarkable People

“With black and white film, we acknowledge the natural elegance of each woman as she reveals her innate confidence and beauty”

Most things in our lives are digital these days. Every note we make, every email we send, every picture we take is recorded digitally. But what IS a digital file? It cannot be held in your hand and it could be gone in a moment. Think crashed hard drives, corrupted files, accidental deletes.

Pictures are the best record of your memories. But when you want to remember being a certain age and you go searching for old pictures, will you still have access to that ancient computer? Will you be able to load a USB? What will you do if you can’t see your precious images?

At M Somerville Photography, we believe in all things analog. Especially when it comes to our imagery. We know that film will stand the test of time and that an elegant image, printed in the darkroom, will be a beautiful record of this time in your life.

Call us today to book your session. You deserve to have a beautiful image of yourself.